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About the Chef


A Taste of Tradition: Rafael Paz Shares His Family's Salsa and Mexican Delights

Embarking on a remarkable journey, Rafael Paz turned his passion for preparing and cultivating family recipes into a thriving full-time business. As the nation was plagued by the virus, Rafael, previously climbing the corporate ladder, witnessed the fading tradition of gathering around long dinner tables. In response, he started delivering homemade meals to healthcare professionals, family, and friends, realizing the demand for authentic Mexican cuisine. This led Rafael to acquire licensing and a commercial kitchen, enabling him to offer the same exquisite flavors on a larger scale.

A mere year before the pandemic, Rafael's family salsa recipes triumphed in the renowned My Nana's Salsa Challenge, where his salsa was honored with the prestigious People's Choice award. Sharing his cherished family recipes and food has always held deep meaning for Rafael. At Paz Salsa, their unwavering commitment lies in providing exceptional cuisine by preparing every dish from scratch on a daily basis.

Today, Paz Salsa proudly serves authentic Mexican cuisine to esteemed doctor's offices, reputable law firms, small and large businesses, as well as a wide array of social events and milestone celebrations throughout the valley. With passion and dedication, they bring the vibrant flavors of Mexico to every plate, creating memorable culinary experiences for all who indulge.

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